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On the Spot Resource Book

The On the Spot Resource Book provides a comprehensive compilation of useful tools that could greatly improve patient and health care provider communication. There are over one hundred pages of low-tech tools that can be used to improve communication with people with special needs.  The book contains sections focusing on: Alphabet/Spelling, Pictures/Symbols, Spanish boards, Modifications, Bedside recommendations. The first fifty pages contain picture boards that can be printed and used in a variety of situations.  They range in complexity from showing a thumbs up or thumbs down sign, to helping patients communication their emotions and pain levels.  The next forty pages contain information on products and modifications that can be used to keep patients comfortable, independent, and help them to communicate with others.  The last ten pages of the book offer suggestions for how to use the different boards and devices, how to communicate with patients, and how to determine which tool/tools would best suit the needs of the patient.
The On the Spot Resources Book can be purchased for $125 dollars through AAC TechConnect Inc.  The website is http://www.aactechconnect.com/index.cfm. For more information about the product or purchasing information, questions can be directed to info@aacTechConnect.com or by calling 866/482-2279.  Orders can also be sent to:

AAC TechConnect Inc.
PO Box 1944
Evergreen, CO 80437

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