Annotated Bibliography


Annotated Bibliography on Patient-Provider Communication

By Heather D. Smith
Research and Resource Associate
Central Coast Children’s Foundation, Inc.

Communication problems between patients and health care workers are far too often at the root cause of inadequate medical treatment, unnecessary errors, even death. There are lots of reasons for these communication problems. There are lots of (often inexpensive and simple) things that can be done about them. But very little actually happens, with regard either to understanding these problems or applying the available solutions, in part because there is no single convenient place to go to gain access to information about either (1) the causes of the problems or (2) the tools available for dealing with  them.

The following collection is intended as one small step towards alleviating this access problem. We have divided it into four sections:   (1) Understanding language and cultural barriers, (2) Overcoming language and cultural barriers, (3) Understanding communication barriers with patients, and (4) Overcoming Communication Barriers with Patients. Hopefully, it will make it a little easier for people interested in bridging the communication gaps between patients and health care workers to know where to find useful information on the subject.


Annotated Bibliography Collection (PDFs):

(1) Understanding Language and Culture Barriers

(2) Overcoming Language and Culture Barriers

(3) Understanding Communication Barriers with Patients

(4) Overcoming Communication Barriers with Patients


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