The Central Coast Children’s Foundation has a wealth of information about a variety of topics ranging from Alternative and Augmentative Communication to Special Education in the developing world.  Most of these resources are available electronically on this website.  Additionally, the following publications are available upon request:


1.Occasional Papers:

  • Occasional Paper # 4: “Local University, Foundation Combine Forces to Maximize Service Learning Impact,” by Jessica Lyons, News Editor. Monterey County Weekly
  • Occasional Paper # 7: “When Foster Care Fails: Creating a Sanctuary for the Neglected and Abused,” by Adam Joseph, Reporter, Salinas Californian

2. Resource Guides and Compendia:

  • Helping Young Children Develop Literacy Skills: Useful Resources for Adult Education Staff  and Their Students,”  A Resource Guide Compiled by Karen Janes, Resource Coordinator, CCCF
  • Resources and Support Services for Charter Schools in California,” A Resource Guide Compiled by Karen Janes, Resource Coordinator, CCCF
  • When Relatives Care for Children: Essential Resources for Those Delivering Kinship Care,” A Resource Guide Compiled by Emily Newman, Resource Coordinator, CCCF.

3. Web Essays:

  • Augmentative and Alternative Communication: A Short (and Free) Introductory Course on the Web,” by Harvey Pressman, President, CCCF
  • False Beliefs, Widely Held: The Myths that Professionals Perpetuate and the Harm They Do to Young Children with Disabilities,” by Harvey Pressman, President, CCCF


Copies of any of the above publications and further information about Central Coast Children’s Foundation is available by sending an email to:

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