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About Augmentative and Alternative Communication Devices

This 5 minutes video offers an introduction to Augmentative and alternative communications. There were different stories of AAC users to show the possibilities for people who have difficulties in communicating. It is a great tool for beginners.


Discovering Communication

This short, funny and insightful clip shows the real impact of AAC in the lives of those who need it. It can be used as a great introductory tool to display the possibilities of AAC for those who were not aware of it. It is especially poignant for parents and families.


Asako case study

This is a very short video clip that introduced a young woman who is a quadriplegic. She uses a computer and head stick technology to communicate with those around her. She has accomplished a lot despite her disabilities; through the help of various AAC devices. The video can be accessed at the end of the page in the above link.


Ellen Using AAC

In less than 6 minutes you will see what AAC can truly do for those who cannot speak. This is a video showing an independent and expressive young woman. She uses the AAC technology to walk, to control her surroundings and to communicate with her friends and loved ones. This video shows what is truly feasible with the help of alternative and augmentative technologies.


Funding Communication Aids

This video may be used as a instrument to convince those who don’t believe in the importance of AAC for communication impaired persons. There were Individuals who spoke about what AAC has done for them. The video is short and precise yet powerful in its message.


The MAC effect

This is such a great video! It is a case study of a MAC program called Indesign. It is a story of a young man, Joe Barnick, who was born with spinal muscular atrophy. He is able to use this great design to live his life to the fullest extent. He goes to school, surfs the net, and tries interesting recipes all with the help of AAC technology. This is a must watch!


Infinitecmedia Website

The Infinitecmedia website produces inspirational training videos on Assistive technology, children with disabilities, training packages for professionals, inspirational case studies and software solutions. The resources can be purchased on their website. There are short introductory clips to the videos provided on the website as well.


Enables Website

This website has a multitude of resources for those looking for low tech solutions to Augmentative Communications and Alternative Communication. The websites uses various case studies on Children and adults to show the simple ways to achieve communication goals.


AAC Interventions to Maximize Language Development for Young Children

This resource is a webcast of an in depth lecture on the use of AAC for young children. The webcast is used to share the results of a study done at the Pennsylvania State University.  The project evaluated the effects of each AAC intervention on young children. If you want thorough information on how to dispel the Myths on the uses of AAC and young children, this study will be of great help.


College life and AAC: Just do it.

This is such an encouraging story for everyone to watch. It captures the spirit of this very fabulously intelligent and driven young woman, called, Beth Ann Luciani. It just shows how AAC helps individuals to fulfill their potential. Please do watch this video!


Assistive Technology: Enabling Dreams

This 10 minutes is a short documentary on how assistive technology can enhance the independence of peoople who might otherwise be unable to function in a world without assistive technology. This video can also be used as a resource because it showcases the various assistive technology tools employed by the individuals in the video. If you are looking for an informative resource guide that also gives one hope in the human spirit, this video is for you. It made me believe that anything is possible for those who try and these technological tools certainly help. This video also showed the importance of early introduction to assistive technology. It is a great window to the world of three fascinating persons that are sure to change the world one way or the other.


The Sound of Learning: Albani Berberi

This is a short video about Albano, a boy who happens to be blind. He is able to play video games, write and play beautiful music all without the ability to see. Most stories about people with disabilities aren’t telling us the ways in which they have an advantage over other people with normal ability. However, this video shows Albano doing many things teenagers his age, who are able to see, would find more difficult. He is able to accomplish all these things with the help of the AAC software he uses. He has more talent in writing computer programs because of the way the software has shaped his cognition. This video further reinforces the fact that Life is not only possible with Assistive technology but that it can be lived even better. This is a must see.


Assistive-Technology Tools: Keys to Learning for the Visually Impaired

This video is a detailed overview of the new resources available for individuals who happen to be visually impaired. It is short; only 4 minutes long. However, it gives a step by step guide to these resources. It is a must watch for those who want to keep up with up and coming assistive technologies for the visually impaired.


A pivotal role in the Household

This is the story of Marie Bru. She was diagnosed with the Motor neurone disease in 1995. She had been told that she would be no more than a vegetable after her diagnosis. However, today, because of the help of various Assistive technologies from Assisware she is able to be much more. She runs her household, and helps her husband with his research work all through the help of AAC technologies.


Me and my Computer

“The computer means life to me”. This is the sentence that struck me powerfully in this video. It is a story of Elina, a 10 year old girl with cerebral palsy. She is able to write with the help of assistive technology software. This software helps her in spelling out her words through word recognition. Life to her is only possible with the help of a these very important AAC tools. This is a must watch for parents of young children with alternative and augmentative communication needs.

Special Access to Computers video
“The video presents an overview of some of the ways pupils can access a computer and other technology in the classroom, even though they are unable to use a standard keyboard or mouse. It also introduces the assessment process to find the most suitable adaptations for a particular child. Young people are seen using keyguards, special keyboards, headpointers, joysticks, trackballs, and switch access systems. Different scanning methods are also demonstrated”.
(Hello Harvey this reviews were found on the website, I was unable to watch the videos because I would have to pay for them. I just wanted to check that it is ok that I copied there review instead of writing my own). I have written in italics the copied review. Thanks, Temie.


IT works

” IT Works! Pupils with Special Educational Needs using Technology
This video shows the use of technology to provide a variety of curriculum experiences for children and young people with special educational needs. It presents an overview of some of the ways technology is being used to support such pupils in the classroom.
Pupils from both primary and secondary schools are shown using a range of technologies to assist in accessing the curriculum. Three broad themes are presented:
•    Accessing literacy
•    Developing early literacy and numeracy
•    Improving physical access to the computer

Price £4.25 + £0.75 VAT* + p+p £2.00 (UK only – please contact us for overseas rates).
*(VAT must be added for purchases inside the UK and EU)


Toys, switches and early learning

“In this video, Pupils are shown using mostly simple and inexpensive technology – for example, specialised switches and interfaces, and adapted battery toys – though some more expensive equipment is also included.
Emphasis is placed on the use of technology to add a new dimension to an existing set of curricular activities. The main curriculum focus taken is the 5-14 Development Programme which operates in Scotland, but the examples can be readily translated into the National Curriculum operating in England and Wales.
Price £4.25 + £0.75 VAT* + p+p £2.00 (UK only – please contact us for overseas rates).
*(VAT must be added for purchases inside the UK and EU). “


Special Access to Interactive Literacy

This video arose from a project to investigate the difficulties in learning to read which may be experienced by children with severe communication difficulties. It focuses particularly on access to literacy and on interaction between pupils, peers and adults in the discussions and questioning which are vital in the learning process.
The video is designed to be used either on its own as a general introduction to the acquisition of literacy in young children with special communication needs, or as part of an in-service training package. It introduces some new ways of thinking about traditional classroom practices and about new technologies.
Price £4.25 + £0.75 VAT* + p+p £2.00 (UK only – please contact us for overseas rates).
*(VAT must be added for purchases inside the UK and EU)


Portable Writing Aids

This information pack was produced in conjunction with TASSCC (Technological Assessment and Support for Special Children and the Curriculum) in Aberdeen. It consists of a video and booklet on portable writing aids, with additional material produced by TASSCC and CALL.
The video looks at pupils in mainstream school who have used technology to help them overcome difficulties with handwriting. It also considers equipment in more detail, paying particular attention to Spell Masters, portable wordprocessors, and the use of predictive word-processing software on portable computers.
Price £4.25 + £0.75 VAT* + p+p £2.00 (UK only – please contact us for overseas rates).
*(VAT must be added for purchases inside the UK and EU)

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