The Central Coast Children’s Foundation, Inc. (CCCF) is a non-profit foundation based in Monterey, California. CCCF pursues parallel missions at local (primarily in the Monterey and Santa Cruz areas), national, and international levels, by providing a broad array of supports and services to non-profit organizations that serve young people with disabilities and those from low-income families.

CCCF provides technical assistance, program planning, proposal optimization and staff development support to non-profit entities that serve young people with disabilities and economic disadvantages. CCCF also develops information resources for such groups,  and makes strategic grants to organizations that are developing promising practices in areas of health, education (including charter schools) and welfare.

Among CCCF’s broader initiatives are (1) support for an Augmentative Communication World Network designed to provide information and support to pioneers in emerging nations who are helping to promote access to assistive technology (AT) and augmentative communication (AAC) resources for children with disabilities in areas heretofore under-served, including special education projects in Africa and Eastern Europe, (2) emergency and continuing AAC and AT support to groups serving children with disabilities in areas hit by natural disasters, and (3) a growing national and international effort to disseminate information and promote the use of practical tools that help overcome patient-provider communication barriers in health care settings.

Since 2002, CCCF has amassed a growing list of occasional papers, web essays, useful bibliographic references, and sources of practical information.  This web site is designed also to help share these resources with others who are trying to help children in need around the world.